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25 years ago, disaster struck the world. Metahumans with god-like abilities appeared all over the planet. The earth shook. A megastorm raged over the entire planet. Fire and plague and superhuman-born devastation swept the globe. Then, one by one, those beings vanished, leaving humanity shaken in their wake. But not all metahumans have disappeared. Some still live among us -- using their powers for justice, or for selfish gain, or for evil -- or who, sometimes, just try to hide their abilities and live a normal life. Humans live with the choice to keep their heads down, or to step up and engage with the world as it is. Welcome to New Columbia: Catalyst Chronicles, a collaborative storytelling game about superheroes, villains, vigilantes, and regular folk just trying to get by in a city filled with metahumans. We are now accepting original characters -- metahuman or human -- to engage in this new world and seek out its secrets. New Columbia: Catalyst Chronicles is set in Washington, D.C., in the year 2025.
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